About Us

Multi - Wet is a Western Australian owned and operated water treatment business started in 2008 who supply of a wide range of water treatment chemicals, equipment and services.

Founder and General Manager, Stephen Whitecunas has taken innovative steps to develop initiatives in the market place. Steve has over 50 years of water treatment experience in Western Australia and has worked for some of the world’s largest water treatment companies in a variety of national and local roles. Multi - Wet provides technical support, products and services to the HVAC market, consultants, facility managers, and building owners, enabling them to meet and exceed their legal requirements.

Multi – Wet’s water treatment experience covers HVAC, Industrial Steam & Cooling Water Systems and Waste Water, Filtration and Water Recovery Systems and others. Steve is one of the country’s most experienced HVAC specialists and Multi – Wet's staff, have over 47 years combined water treatment experience.

The responsibilities involved in the Water Treatment Service Industry are great and numerous. Our main purpose is to appeal to the market place by offering cost effective water treatment solutions and to those environmentally conscious minded customers by developing chemical products and services to enhance their facilities.

Every member of our team has several responsibilities that are greatly important in fulfilling the duties in producing such a unique blend of Technical Information, Service and Chemical Products to our customers end needs.

Our aim is to continue to have strong and effective relationships within the W.A. market place by using a holistic approach to our customers overall business needs, that a whole system of beliefs must be analysed, rather than simply its individual components. The company prides itself in its recognition of social, economic, governance and environmental sustainability. It communicates this within its business plan, mission statement, training of staff and office procedures.

Multi – Wets’ partnership approach, coupled with the desire for customer satisfaction and a well-established history, results in Multi – Wets staff being a market leader in their field.

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