Our message is that any business can make changes to improve its social & environmental effectiveness. Businesses large & small can have the fortitude to source & carry out its own beliefs, which we can all benefit greatly from. People recognise ‘good practice’ measures & will source & pay a little extra for goods that have been made or produced with long term benefits to themselves, their surroundings & their environment. Our products and services offer needed solutions to the market place and to the environment.

Eliminate Waste:

Firstly, we try to produce products that have less impact upon the environment. Secondly, we manage waste effectively. Thirdly, we try to Recycle or Reuse where possible and dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly way


Invest in ongoing projects to neutralize unavoidable omissions and improve air quality to help eliminate the number one decrease of Flora and Fauna in Western Australia Multi – Wet has set new area boundaries for its Representatives & Service Technicians to cover, this along with combining offices and warehouse/manufacturing facilities in one central location, are able to lower our car emissions and use less fuel overall. Our choice of courier companies used has been chosen for their diesel over petrol usage. Limited Interstate Travel means that Multi – Wet constantly sources and uses local materials, businesses, services and suppliers if possible, to reduce travel times and lessen transport costs, distance travelled, lessen resources used and lessen impact on the environment. This also helps to minimize accidents and Incidents.

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