Products & Services

Suppliers of a wide range of Water Treatment Chemical, Equipment and Services.


  • Scale & corrosion inhibitors for cooling water circuits.
  • Algaecides, biocides for cooling water circuits.
  • Scale & corrosion inhibitors for closed water circuit.
  • Scale & corrosion inhibitors for boiler water treatment.
  • Waste water treatment chemical.

Cleaning Services:

  • Pre commissioning cleaning and passivation.
  • Cooling tower cleaning to AS3666
  • Closed water system cleaning.
  • New boiler cleaning.
  • Heat exchanger de-scaling.
  • Steam boiler de-scaling.


  • General water treatment and report.
  • Water treatment commissioning and report.
  • Heat exchanger inspections and photographic report.
  • Steam boiler inspections and photographic report.
  • Water treatment equipment inspections and report.
  • Water treatment site auditing.
  • NATA accredited water-testing services.
  • Water treatment consulting services.
  • Cooling water system Risk assessment services.


  • Water treatment controllers.
  • Chemical dosing pumps and accessories.
  • Water softeners.
  • Reverse Osmosis systems.
  • Filtration equipment.
  • Chemical tanks and bunds.
  • Water treatment test kits and reagents.
  • Miscellaneous parts and accessories.

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