Our Vision:

To deliver cost effective, resource reducing products and service to its customers in a professional manner.

Mission Statement:

Multi – Wets primary reason to exist is to deliver value to our customers by implementing innovate business solutions that are financially, technically and environmentally sustainable.

Keys to Success:

We cannot avoid using water but we can continually seek out and improve ways to ‘Reduce Water Usage’

Resource Efficiency:

We have a range of functional ‘Multi – Use’ Chemicals, designed to minimize energy which have a long sustainable future.

Ethical Investor:

As an Ethical Investor, Multi – Wet considers a ‘cleaner environment.’ We care about our staff as well as their ongoing needs and safety. We take care to ensure ‘Our Family’ of Representative, Service Technicians and alike have the correct work/ life balance and that they respect Human Rights to work for the common good. We do not support in any known way the use of ‘Child Labor’ or ‘Unjust Practices’ in the delivery of our services to the community. Multi – Wet chooses to work with or source products from other ethical businesses. All technical service and field representatives have passed a current police clearance and carry all relevant onsite induction cards

General Manager: Stephen Whitecunas’ Address to Stakeholders:‘The safety of our people and the greater community remains foremost in our everyday actions to deliver our goods and services safely, efficiently and cost effectively. We aim to be and are seemingly an ‘employer of choice’ within the water treatment industry.

‘You can’t just have a good idea to start a business’! ‘You need determination, common sense, time, money and perseverance’.

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